a short story done for the bitsy mix tape jam.

a soundtrack, that didn't make it into the game for unknown technical reasons, all credit to Anna Russert.

made with image to bitsy.


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Is this your first Bitsy Game? Congratulations on your Jam entry and on (maybe) more to come!

Yup, the first one to be finished and published. Thank you!

this is great, it really made me feel something. nice job on the art too!

Lovely poems and great pixel art!

The soundtrack is great too.

Have you tried this solution here?  For me, it worked (only when online), Also, you can loop it.

Thank you! :D The pixel art is all thanks to image-to-bitsy, and the "poem" happened spontaneously. And I'll be sure to tell the author of the soundtrack!

As for the problem, I tried both that and the version with embedding a YT video. Didn't work. Not entirely sure what happened - or didn't happen there, but I am working on a very slow laptop, so it might have messed it all up.

In my game I used audacity to create a wave file, so it could work across most browsers. When I tried it offline, it didnt work, but worked once I uploaded it to itc.io.

Thankd for the image-to-bitsy tip, will check it out for sure!